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Olive Tapenades

Re-define Olive Tapenades!


The main characteristic of this new line of products is the gustatory delight of the customer, since our tapenades really elevate this particular category of product to a whole new level. The basic ingredient is of course the best, natural, green Amfissis olives, which in each recipe are supplemented by different, select ingredients, transforming what would be a simple olive paste in a gourmet product!






Elia Olive Tapenade

with black currants & roasted almonds



The ELIA’ Olive Tapenade | G.E.T.  is  all what  an olive tapenade should be. Naturally processed Green Amfissis Olives full of unripe aromas and flavors, black Corinthian  raisins, roasted white almonds and a splendid combination of herbs create a minimalistic yet exquisite product.








Umami Olive Tapenade

with golden currants & anchovy fillets



The Umami Olive Tapenade | G.E.T. combines the aromas and the flavors of the natural, green Amfissis olive with the sweet, golden currants from Messinia and the deep taste of the Mediterranean anchovy fillet. The lemon zest adds a cool and light note.


The olive tapenade becomes umami and the experience is unforgettable!









Rustico Olive Tapenade

with roasted eggplants,red peppers & capers




Each mouthful of the Rustico Olive Tapenade | G.E.T. with roasted eggplant, red pepper & capers is a journey to the sunny Mediterranean.


The eggplants and the red peppers are coal roasted and that adds a smoky note to their flavor while the capers reminisce of summer in Greece. The natural, green Amfissis olive is perfectly accompanied in this tapenade, creating a recipe-ode to the authentic, Greek taste.



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