Delicate Olives


Our Green Natural Amfissis olives come from our estates.They are hand-picked and carefully selected before we strart the traditional processing using only sea salt and water.


This procedure may be difficult and long since we have to wait at least 9 months before the olives are ready,but is also necessary in order to ensure the exquisite taste of our products.


The aforementioned procedure not only preserves the natural taste of the olives

but guaranties an extremely high concentration of phenolic compounds , the beneficial antioxidants for our body.




Marinated with laurel leaves

& balsamic vinegar


Handpicked and carefully selected directly from our estates, these small yet fleshy Amfissis olives are identified by their deep,green color and their slightly bitterish taste.

This natural taste, the sweat-sour flavors of the balsamic vinegar and the complex aromas of the laurel leaves are combined perfectly creating an exquisite product.


Total phenolic compounds(antioxidants): 2696 ppm


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