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Essential Olive Oil




Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Single Estate | Monovarietal


GET|Essential is a single estate organic extra virgin olive oil that comes from the same ,unique olive orchard of Koroneiki variety olive trees in Monemvasia-Lakonia,Peloponnese.


The ripe olives are carefully harvested near the end of the picking season,resulting in a special,high quality organic olive oil.



G.E.T. | Essential Organic EVOO is a gourmet product that highlights the aromas and the flavors of the olive that is close to its final stages of ripening.


2016 harvest acidity  0.17%!


Thanks to its gentle character, it can succesfully accompany salads,vegetables,fish and white meat and become the perfect cooking companion.


GET|Essential Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is your everyday luxury in the kitchen!

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