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06/12/2015 -

The HuffPost Greece

''The first product that G.E.T. launched, was the Koroneiki variety, organic, extra virgin olive oil, G.E.T.| Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that instantly stood out thanks to its quality, winning prizes in some of the most prestigious olive oil competitions. But G.E.T. has more gustatory surprises in store, with roasted olives and olive 

tapenades that are nothing like anything we have ever tasted until now. Uniquely gourmet products!''

Vasiliki Zioga Journalist,HuffingtonPost -Greece

21/10/2015 -

The Food & Leisure Guide

The Products

G.E.T.: The green Amfissis olive at its best!

΄΄'The new G.E.T. line of products re-affirms the excellent work and the quality that continues to describe its producers."

''… the ultimate accompaniment of a high-quality spirit such as tsipouro, ouzo or even gin or dry martini…"

Haris Tzannis

17/12/2014 -

The Food & Leisure Guide

Product of the Day

'So, if you are looking for a good olive oil that will accompany your salads, your fresh vegetables or that will be added near the end of cooking to really lift off the taste of you dishes, then just G.E.T. it!''
HarisTzannis, food journalist and writer


04/12/2014 -

Le HuffPost

Pourquoi pas une bouteille d'huile d'olive grecque pour les fêtes de fin d'année?

'Un jeune couple, le médecin Vasilis Aivazoglou et la pharmacienne Maria Karopoulou, au lieu de prescrire des ordonnances pour des

patients, décident de créer la compagnie GET. Leur huile de la variété "koroneiki", a un goût fruité avec comme arôme dominant les fleurs d'orangers, vient de leur terroir de Monembasía. Cette ville fortifiée se trouve à l'est de Péloponnèse, dans la préfecture de Lakonie.''


Dimitri Machairidis

Dimitri Machairidis 

Journaliste, écrivain, rédacteur en 

chef du magazine anglophone Defensor Pacis

18/06/2014 -

Terraolivo 2014

G.E.T.|Greek Exquisite Tastes is proud to announce that our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won the Prestige Gold Award in the International Olive Oil competition Terraolivo 2014!

Terraolivo 2014-Prestige Gold

29/04/2014 -

Olive Japan 2014

We are proud to announce that G.E.T.|Organic EVOO has won the Gold Medal in the Olive Japan 2014 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition,for its excellent quality and superb taste!

Olive Japan 2014-Gold Medal

06/06/2013 -

Terraolivo 2013

G.E.T. | Greek Exquisite Tastes is proud

to announce that our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won a Gold Award

in the prestigious Terraolivo 2013 competition for its excellent quality and the outstanding taste!


Terraolivo 2013 Gold Award Certification

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